Wheelfire Takes Sales, AOV into Overdrive with Bread Pay™

Case Study | 2 min read

Wheelfire goes to great lengths to customize its e-commerce experience, matching the enthusiasm that its customers have for specialized wheel and tire products. The Pompano Beach, Fla.-based auto company’s rising profile is only underscored by its significant growth in financed sales with Bread.

Since launching with Bread in February, Wheelfire has seen nearly triple the amount of financed sales compared to the same five-month period in 2017 with its previous provider. They are also seeing 29% higher AOV on financed sales compared to non-financed sales. Overall, Wheelfire is projecting a 45% increase in total overall sales in 2018.

“Desktop, mobile or over the phone — it doesn’t matter — with Bread we’re seeing more interest in financing than we ever did before,” said Johnny Figueroa, head of sales at Wheelfire. “Our customers are serious about their cars and dream of getting the best tires and wheels, and when they find out they can easily pay over time with Bread, we’re able to make that a reality for them.”

Innovative Marketing, Early Engagement Boost Sales

Wheelfire is no new kid on the block, its professionals have over 20 years experience with aftermarket wheels and tires. However, the impact of marketing Bread and its full-funnel solution and longer terms has been wholly transformative for the business.

“Bread’s merchant success and product teams have more than held up to their promise of being a thoughtful, client-first partner to us,” Head of Operations Armando Ramos said. “We’re growing rapidly, so having the piece of mind that we can rely on Bread as an extension of our business can’t be put into words.”

Bread’s flexible payment options have helped Wheelfire grow its business by allowing customers to discover and pre-qualify for financing earlier in the funnel. Nearly 40% of Wheelfire customers engage with Bread before the checkout page. Wheelfire has also seen approximately 20% of its customers take advantage of financing through phone sales. The company sees this as a huge contributing factor to their growth, as 90% of Wheelfire’s customers ask about financing when purchasing products over the phone.

“Bread was hands-down the right call for our business, without a doubt. We love how their team values not only our relationship, but our customers as well,” Owner Joe Arce said. “Since launching with Bread we’ve seen a growth not only in the percentage of financed sales, but also AOV. We attribute this to Bread’s true full-funnel solution and strong phone sale capabilities.”

A Seamless Experience Optimized for Desktop or Mobile

Wheelfire has also seen the positive impact of removing friction from its mobile experience, working with Bread to provide a user experience and payment journey that matches the forward-thinking mentality of the company.

One way Wheelfire has optimized its mobile user experience is by placing financing options with Bread on its main navigation and throughout its home and product pages. Those efforts have paid off tremendously — 80% of Wheelfire’s financed sales come from mobile devices, speaking to the new generation of digital-first consumers that demand better financing solutions.

“We partnered with Bread because they understand that e-commerce financing isn’t solely for desktops anymore. We have smart, digital-native customers that won’t settle for a subpar experience. With Bread, we know they’ll take care of us and our customers to make sure the financing process is as quick and simple as possible.” Arce said.

"We partnered with Bread because they understand that e-commerce financing isn't solely for desktops anymore. We have smart, digital-native customers that won't settle for a subpar experience."