Create Room enables more crafters to discover their creative purpose with Bread Financial’s flexible financing options

Case Study | 3 mins

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Create Room offers crafters inspiring, all-in-one crafting furniture and accessories to help them create more. We are cultivators of a community committed to creating room for creativity every day.


Based in Utah, Create Room is a retailer selling furniture and accessories for crafting. They believe that “creating is critical for joy and calm.” Their products (Dreambox, Sew Station, DreamCart) offer crafters a dedicated and organized space for creating

“I understand the innate desire to create, the importance of organization, and the comfort of having a creative space in your own home. It truly creates a sense of peace and excitement. Our amazing partnership with Bread Financial allows us to offer more crafters the opportunity to experience that uniquely personal feeling of clutter-free creativity by offering them a unique pay-over-time option.”

— Keith Hubert, VP of Digital Marketing, Create Room

Create Room takes advantage of Bread Financial’s white-label approach, allowing them to remain authentic to their unique brand while providing customers the ability to seamlessly finance their orders.

Partnering with Bread Financial has allowed Create Room the flexibility to tailor their loan term offering to fit their business’s seasonality trends. The ability to advertise and offer qualifying customers a 0% APR option on a promotional basis drives site traffic, promotes affordability, and leads to higher cart sizes. Create Room’s Average Order Value (AOV) with Bread Financial is $2,754, which is more than $1,000 higher (+64%) than their average non-financed order.

Bread Financial’s consultative approach has enabled Create Room to continually grow their business year on year, allowing even more crafters to reap the benefits of a new creative workspace. Bread Financial and Create Room recently partnered to run a 12-month, 0% promotional term during Create Room’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Daily sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday weekend were 93% higher than average daily sales in the six weeks prior. The campaign’s success can be attributed to the high adoption of 0% APR terms.

"Running a financing-focused campaign around 0% APR this Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday weekend enabled us to maximize sales and drive even higher basket sizes. Our dedicated point of contact at Bread Financial shares in-depth performance analytics with us after each campaign. Thanks to their flexibility and consultative approach, we’re empowered to make informed decisions about future promotions, like this one, to best suit our niche business."
Jordan Contino
Digital Growth Marketing Manager, Create Room