AVADirect Overclocks Their Sales Volume by 50% With Bread Pay™

Case Study | 3 mins

AVADirect manufactures custom PCs from an industry-leading selection of quality components. But they don’t just build computers, they help their shoppers assemble the perfect machine for their needs and budget. Their dedicated team of experts delivers on their promise of service and craftsmanship.

AVADirect had been using another pay-over-time provider, but they wanted to drive more sales and higher average order values. By offering financing throughout the shopping journey and presenting the right options for their shoppers, they were able to do just that.

Full-Spectrum Financing Boosts Business Results

AVADirect chose a comprehensive and deep integration with Bread across their site. We’ve seen that including financing options along every step of the ecommerce funnel drives a considerable uptick in financed sale size and volume, and AVADirect’s story is the same.

With Bread, they launched both a dedicated financing page and a financing banner on their homepage. The ability to prequalify from the category, product, and cart pages translated to their shoppers prequalifying for financing sooner than ever. 48.5% of customers now prequalify from their product pages.

When shoppers find out about their pay-over-time options while they’re still shopping, they consider making larger purchases and find it easier to click “buy”. In April, after switching to Bread, AVADirect’s financed sales volume was 50% higher than it was the same time the year prior. Their average order value so far in 2020 is also 23.6% higher than it had been in 2019.

"Switching to Bread has helped us drive the sales we need by delivering the kind of experience our customers want. Working closely with Bread and their Success team has allowed us to elevate financing as a key component of our ecommerce business.”
Alex Sonis
Founder and CEO

As of 2020, their financed average order value is 48.6% higher than it was with their previous financing provider. AVADirect shows how a more robust buy now, pay later integration can drive a meaningful upswing in volume and sales for your ecommerce site.

AVA computer tower