The Best Shopify Plugins for Experience-Focused Ecommerce Brands

Ecommerce Best Practices | 7 mins

With half a million stores and over a billion orders processed, Shopify is one of the top ecommerce platforms for online brands.

Its front and back end systems are known for being easy-to-use and customizable, with a variety of built-in tools that provide businesses with additional flexibility and capabilities. Among these tools are Shopify plugins.

When used strategically, they have an immense ability to make your life as a business owner a whole lot easier. They give you the power to enhance the functionality of your ecommerce site, boost sales, and provide a great customer experience.

If you’re looking to simplify or streamline your own experience running an ecommerce business, or if you’re focused on creating an optimized user experience, below are some of our favorite Shopify plugins you should consider implementing.


Returnly is a fully white labeled, user-friendly return center. This instant credit and exchange plugin is perfect for direct-to-consumer brands. If a customer receives the wrong item, Returnly will ship the correct item right away. Plus, they’ll pay for the new item on behalf of the customer and absorb any risk of fraud.

One big benefit to this plugin is that it captures customer feedback so that you can understand areas for improvement. Returnly also has the industry’s highest customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 91%, assuring that you will receive top notch support.

By automating the return and refund process, you and your team can make better use of your time and energy, and improve customer satisfaction with your brand.

Swell Loyalty and Rewards

Swell is a marketing platform that helps you build loyalty and rewards programs. But this Shopify plugin is so much more powerful than just boosting loyalty. It enables you to tap into the most effective and cost-efficient acquisition channel—your current customers. The company claims to drive 9x ROI on average through highly tailored incentive marketing programs.

Swell engages shoppers with programs that inspire repeat purchases, referrals, social engagement and content creation, ultimately helping you to maximize customer lifetime value.


One of the best ways to build a product page that converts is to include social proof. Yotpo is a great Shopify plugin that helps you implement this effective on-page element. The technology allows you to display customer reviews, ratings, Q&A, photos and videos at any touchpoint within your customer’s online journey.

User-generated content gives consumers confidence in the value of your product and brand. In fact, 84% of shoppers trust reviews they read online just as much as recommendations they receive from friends and family.

By integrating Yotpo, you can also dig deeper into understanding customer sentiment and feedback at scale. These insights can then be used to figure out how to improve your products and services.


Customer acquisition and retention is all about sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. Klaviyo is an email and SMS marketing automation plugin that helps you do just that.

This Shopify plugin allows you to communicate with shoppers in a personal way, by creating targeted list segmentations for one-off campaigns and automated email flows. Klaviyo also provides pre-built flow templates to make set-up quick and painless.

With email automation tools like Klaviyo, you’ll be able to better understand your consumer data and send personalized messaging that converts.


If you’re looking to increase conversion and email sign-ups, Privy is the Shopify plugin for you. It offers customizable pop-ups, banners and landing pages designed to convert.

From coupons to flyouts and abandoned cart messages, Privy adds value to the digital user experience without annoying or overwhelming them. Emails and phone numbers are captured with 100% compliance and its pre-built templates make execution quick and easy.

Additionally, Privy allows you to A/B test so that you can discover exactly what your customers respond to the most, and leverage that knowledge to convert and retain.

Free Trust Badge

Trust badges communicate big-time value to your customers as they navigate your online shop. They’re even listed as one of our top 10 customer-approved best practices for building a better product page.

Free Trust Badge offers pre-made badges that you can drag and drop into any location on your website. The plugin has over 700 payment badge designs to choose from.

By adding trust badges to areas on your website where consumers are looking to make a purchasing decision, you’re more likely to push them a step closer to conversion as they build trust in your product and brand.


Do you feel like you’re losing too many customers at checkout on your website? Pushowl is a Shopify plugin that provides effective push notifications to help remind and incentivize users to revisit to your site.

Notifications can range from abandoned cart reminders to back-in-stock alerts, and can also be used for marketing campaigns. Another great benefit is that you can send push notifications to customers on any device, which means that mobile apps are not required.

By analyzing all the data from your push notifications, you can determine which tactics are the most effective, and incorporate them in your customer acquisition and retention strategies.


One of the biggest lost opportunities for your business is losing touch with your customer after they hit the purchase button. Aftership is an easy-to-use consumer tracking system that allows you to continue engaging with your customer after the sale has been made.

This Shopify plugin sends email and SMS updates to ensure your customers are always in the loop on their order’s delivery status. It tracks across almost 700 couriers worldwide and provides you with an up-to-date overview of your shipment data.

Shoppers can view their tracking details and feel secure about when they will receive their purchase. This provides not only peace of mind for you and your customer, but it also contributes to creating an overall seamless customer experience.

Wishlist Plus

Want to turn your customer’s wishlist into a must-have list? Wishlist Plus allows shoppers to create wishlists and choose their favorite items, without ever having to sign in. After they bookmark the products they love, they can open the app and pick up right where they left off.

This Shopify plugin helps keep your products top-of-mind, leading to higher conversion rates and brand visibility. You’re able to create personalized campaigns based on your shopper’s unique wishlist activity.

Plus, you can use wishlist data as social proof on your shop. For example, a product that has been saved to 350 wishlists could enhance its perceived value.


This Shopify plugin is perfect for building engaging forms and capturing emails. Sumo helps you to place incentives in strategic spots throughout your website to increase order values while decreasing cart abandonment. It can even send personalized emails to window shoppers who looked at your product but didn’t buy.

It’s SEO-friendly and provides free customer support. Plus, Sumo claims to generate 20% more traffic on average.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

If there’s one thing every ecommerce business struggles with, it’s figuring out how to reduce the number of abandoned carts. Through emails, Facebook messenger reminders and strategically placed pop-ups, Abandoned Cart Recovery helps you capture lost customers and keep your brand top of mind.

This customizable Shopify plugin is fully automated and features pre-built templates that are optimized for easy execution and conversion. It can even automate sending out discounts and deals based on user behavior, adding more incentive for consumers to make a purchase.


If you’re interested in dropshipping, Oberlo is a plugin must. It allows you to operate with no inventory, which means lower risk. Dropshipping can save you time and resources while giving you the ability to scale quickly.

On Oberlo, you can find products from a large variety of niches, add them to your Shopify store, and then ship them directly to customers. You can also analyze sales trends to know which products are most likely to sell and attract customers to your shop. This plugin also includes a tracking system so you can easily monitor where shipments are at any time.


It’s in everyone’s best interest to protect yourself from shipping losses and protect your buyers from a disappointing customer experience. Route is a shipping insurance Shopify plugin that covers the cost of all insured refunds so you don’t lose money.

Before purchasing, customers simply click to add the insurance to their order. This easy add-on can be pivotal for reinforcing trust. Your customers will feel at peace knowing their purchase is safe and that they will be taken care of if something goes sideways with shipping.

With Route, you’ll increase customer loyalty, optimize lifetime value, and save yourself from shipping and inventory risks.

Leverage Shopify plugins to create a top notch customer experience

When customers engage with your brand, you want them to have a memorable experience. Implementing Shopify plugins will add value to every step of their journey—from discovering your brand to being reminded about you to receiving your product at their door.

These high-quality plugins will help optimize the shopping experience and create seamless interactions between you and your customers. When it comes down to it, your customers should always be your number one priority.